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Terrance Findley

Specializing in Personal Development and Relationship Coaching


My name is Terrance Findley and I bring over a decade of life experience including criminology and legal expertise. During my career I determined that life is about people and the relationships we share with each other, and the way we feel about ourselves. Let me help guide you on the path to Personal Development.  I believe the key to life self-fulfillment is to focus on the acronym ACER. Authenticity, Credibility, Empathy, and Responsibility. Let me show you how implementing those principles into your daily routines will dramatically increase your productivity and life happiness.

As part of the client onboarding process, I offer a 25-minute free introductory session. All future sessions are billed at a rate of $75 with each session lasting between 45-65 minutes or $175 a week for up to 3 full sessions throughout the week. For other services including but not limited to text messages, speaking engagements, and coaching phone calls, the price will need TBD by the frequency and amount of time needed.

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