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Give Your Child A Real Competitive Edge!!!

Terrance's background as a successful business owner, app developer, holder of a Masters in Criminal Intelligence Analysis, Juris Doctor, and underwriting certificate make him an exceptional tutor for your child or teenager.

Middle School and High School Tutoring

Terrance is an exceptional tutor for middle school and high school students, particularly in subjects like English, Reading, History, and addressing phone addiction. His diverse background and qualifications enable him to provide a well-rounded and effective learning experience. He can guide students in English and reading comprehension, helping them improve their vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking abilities.


Life Preparation Tutoring

As a successful business owner, he possesses firsthand knowledge and practical experience in entrepreneurship, which can instill valuable lessons in your child about innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Additionally, Terrance's expertise as an app developer offers unique insights into the rapidly evolving world of technology, equipping your child with essential digital skills that are increasingly in demand.

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