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My Story!!!


Skilled Relationship Coach with 10+ Years' Experience!!!

My name is Terrance Findley, and I bring over a decade of life experience, including criminology and legal expertise. Throughout my career, I've come to understand that life revolves around people and the connections we build, both with others and ourselves. Please allow me to be your guide on your own journey of Personal Development.

I firmly believe that the key to self-fulfillment lies in embracing the ACERS principles: Authenticity, Credibility, Empathy, Responsibility, and Self-Sacrifice. By integrating these principles into your daily life, you'll experience a significant boost in productivity and overall happiness.

As part of our client onboarding process, I offer a complimentary 25-minute introductory session. Subsequent sessions are billed at a rate of $75 each, with each session typically lasting between 45 to 65 minutes. For additional services such as text messages, speaking engagements, and coaching calls, pricing will be determined based on the frequency and duration required.

""Terrance has been instrumental in helping me navigate through the ups and downs of my personal relationships. His deep understanding of human emotions and dynamics, combined with his practical strategies, have empowered me to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and build stronger connections."

Kyle Gorka

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Below are my college degrees and certifications. 

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